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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 16, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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these graveyards are not so uncommon especially when it comes to hospitals built in the 1800s like the county hospital, now valley medical center. as construction crews were excavating an area of santa clara medical center they discovered some pine caskets, part of what's called a potter's field. county officials say as many as 1,445 bodies may have been buried there. >> really the graveyard could have almost anyone in it that had to go to that hospital and are for whatever reason didn't have a family, which is not surprising even in the late 1800s, they may not have had a lot of family out here yet. >> reporter: family records from the time period the people were buried estimated to be between 1875 to 1935. but the hospital has no information on exactly who was buried there. a san jose historian says in addition to hospital patients, people who died in the county whose families could not afford
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a burial and those who could not be identified may be among those in the graveyards. >> i think the fact they have coffins still intact would suggest to me that the remains might be in pretty good conditi condition. >> reporter: the society for archaeology says the conditions of the remains depends on the soil the caskets are buried in and what's happened to them since is then. >> i understand they've been under asphalt, under a parking lot. they may be in pretty good condition. i've worked on burials from the 1880s, 1890s where they -- the people still had hair and their clothes were still intact. >> reporter: it's not known how the cemetery was covered over and forgotten n. this county map from 1932, the cemetery is marked. by 1958 there's no indication it is this. there is an employ ee parking lt in place of the cemetery.
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>> it's not inconceivable something like this might slip through the cracks. how human remains are treated by our society changes over time and something we would think about as unsavory now they may have done something different back then. >> reporter: the county plans to file a at the petition on friday asking the court to give permission to remove 100 of the pine boxes and the remains that are in their immediate construction zone. kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, kimberly. new at 6:00, a scary moment that endangered some firefighters. tonight firefighters are taking action. this weekend there was a car fire on 280, at first it seemed like a routine car fire. what you are looking at is video posted on youtube. watch as firefighters rush to pull out their hoses. you can see the car suddenly starts to roll back fast past fire engine and very nearly striking one crew member.
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then it rolled right into traffic. luckily it didn't hit any other cars and it did stop under the overpass. they say they are going to use these pictures to make sure to make a new training video so nothing like this ever happens again. it turns out the car is stolen. in another story, he survived a car crash right off 101 in san jose but it's what happened after the crash that's getting people's attention. he was strappeded at the site of that crash for nine days before he was found. a san jose man was thrown from his ford pickup. authorities say the accident happened last week on may 8th. the police found the 25-year-old man just last night, nine days after his pickup truck was impounded by the chp. san jose detectives located the man after searching the area around the crash. he's receiving treatment tonight in san jose. >> would you like some hydraulic fluid with that salmon? investigating oil leaks at several reservoirs operated by
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the local water district. now the agency admits to leaks of six reservoirs in south san jose, los gatot and san martin. nbc bay area's damian trujillo is live at the reservoir. they've had two leaks there? >> reporter: here at this reservoir, that is correct. the water district says the leaks were minimal and caused no impact. now the water it district has to answer questions from a district attorney about the incident. you'll find an occasional fisherman on the shores of lexington reservoir. trout is what they're mainly after, but is that trout really healthy? >> over the last 11 years we've had eight times that we've had leaks of hydraulic fluid in the bottom of some of our reservoirs. >> reporter: the valley water district says the oil is coming from hydraulic valves that allow the agency to shut off the water flow in an emergency. >> we clean those up very
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quickly and recorded them and in the future we're hoping that we can modify our system so that they will be less like ly to leak. >> reporter: the agency says the leaks are minimal and cause no environmental damage. off camera this fisherman says he's not concerned but roger castillo is. >> you know what, a little bit is a lot. >> reporter: castillo is a water district critic be a found the restoration group. >> some of the leaks that are probably occurring right now during the rearing season when the offspring are coming out of the egg are very acceptable to the smallest amount of pollution, actually oil. >> reporter: a fish and game warden reported the leak to to the d.a. who could fine the water district. >> the water district better hang on. >> reporter: while castillo keeps monitoring the agency, this fisherman says he'll be back again for another catch. i still see some fishermen down
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there. i told them about the leaks, but they kept on walking. i guess they're okay with it. the water did district says it should replace those valves. when it does, it's seismic retrofitting. i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. crews are still on the scene of a gas leak that forced stud ts to evacuate in east bay college campus. pg&e says they are close to repairing that gas line that shut down contra costa college. a construction crew damaged the line while digging in san pablo. thankfully no one was hurt and t classrooms did reopen late today. when the smoke cleared fire crews discovered a marijuana den. more than 2,000 pot plants worth hundreds of thousands of dollars were uncovered. firefighters initially responded to reports of an electrical fire and found the large scale grow operation. >> the city was unaware of this grow operation, and we do some
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dispensaries but there is a process you have to go through, an approval process. >> so far no arrests have been made. officers seized and destroyed the marijuana plant. >> the city of san francisco is being ordered to garnish the wages of fire chief after a judge declared her a deadbeat divorcee. she stopped paying to support her ex-husband 14 months ago after he pled no contest to child endangerment for roughing up one of their teenaged sons. last year the chief says she obtained a restraining order against her ex prohibiting him from seeing her or her younger son. the cost of raising her kids became too much as a single mom and that white has not made good on efforts to try to find work. the city, though, will start taking $3,300 a month for spousal support out of her $300 a year paycheck. an icon of bay area journalism has died. dwight passed away at the age of 103. known to many as the father of
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journalism at san jose state university, died at a saratoga care home earlier today. among his many lifetime accomplishments, he founded the spartan daily school newspaper in 1934. he also started the university's journalism school. the school produced six pulitzer prize winners. >> journalists and people around this state and this country who appreciate accuracy and truth in journalism and not all that nonsense get to the point, tell me what i need to know, that's what he instilled in every student, every faculty person he hired and everyone who has ever worked in the program. >> very well said. he was part of the committee that awarded the pulitzer prizes. he earned degrees from stanford and columbia. still ahead at 6:00, keeping the streets safe for cyclists. the changes rideers in one east bay city are asking for that they say could save lives. ♪ working on the chain >> this is a meeting interrupted. students fight to have their voices heard as school leaders
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consider another tuition hike. also -- >> reporter: i'm marianne favro. a new program in the south bay that's offering free medical care to 1,000 patients. plus, more than just a summer job. the creative way a south bay teen is getting his small business off the ground. and, good evening. i'm jech jeff in the nbc bay area weather center. did you feel that breeze had afternoon? that marine layer is hugging the coastline right now and it's also helping to whip up some waves anywhere from 3 to 7 feet. while numbers will be going down a bit as we head throughout thursday, we'll talk about a much warmer weekendas in in jus minut minutes.
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in these tough economic times having health insurance is a luxury many families just can't afford. but now the uninsured have a new safety net, one that soon could be cast throughout the entire bay area.
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marianne favro joins us live in santa clara with the new program. she is at an urgent care center giving patients a life line and so many people desperately need th this, marianne. >> reporter: there certainly is a need, jessica. about ten out of every 100 patients that come here to santa clara urgent care will now receive free medical care thanks to the new safety net program. and that care could even include surgery. >> thank you, honey. >> reporter: 3-year-old alexandra is all smiles now that he's recovered from a severe chest infection. >> he had a fever of 102 and then the day i brought him in it was 103. >> reporter: single mom whitney weaver had no job and no insurance, but when she came here to santa clara urgent care center, alexander got an exam, received several x-rays and a prescription for medication, all for free. >> they were willing to fund the bill so he could get the care he needed. it means so much to me. i just -- i don't know what
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would have happened and i don't even want to think about what would have happened if the help hadn't come. >> reporter: how are you feeling? >> good. >> reporter: whitney and her son benefitted from bay area surgical management's new safety net program which is offering free medical services to 1,000 patients who qualify in santa clara county. >> if you're pregnant and you have prenatal issues or a sick child, you don't have insurance, you have to compete with level one trauma victims. and that's where we fill the gap. >> from flu to fractures to foot surgery. the program offers patients specialized care. >> reporter: the safety net program was rolled out and so far 150 surgeons and specialists have agreed to offer free care. this doctor helped save a patient's life by surgically removing his cancerous bladder tumor. >> i see people who come in late because of these issues because they didn't have coverage. >> reporter: now the uninsured and underinsured in the south bay have a place to turn that's
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eliminating their physical pain and the financial pain that often comes with it. >> i feel good. >> you feel good? your chest hurts no more? nope? >> reporter: we're glad to see that he's feeling much better. the founders of the safety net program hope to extend it at urgent care centers in redwood city and san jose. if you'd like to apply for the program go to and click on safety net. reporting live in santa clara, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. protesters forced an early end to a public meeting at the board of regents today. the protesters in sacramento called themselves the student chain gang, suggesting they're prisoners to rising tuition. tuition has tripled in the past 12 years, and regents are considering another 6% increase for this fall. but not all those who demonstrated today were students. >> we're seeing our best faculty
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lured away to other universities. and we're seeing that we're having to teach larger and larger classes, which means that the quality of instruction that we can provide is less than. we're not able to spend as much time giving quality feedback to our students. >> the protests forced the regents to move their meet to go a private room. they will address the hike in july. let a teen drink on your property and you are responsible if something goes wrong. that's the gist of the new ordinance passed by the san jose city council last night. the social host ordinance was inspired in part by the tragic death of leyland high school grad. a passenger in a car that crashed on the expressway two years ago. police say the teen driver had been drinking. now under the new law if there is an underaged drinker in a home, the homeowner is responsible and libel for anything that happens. it makes san jose the largest city in the region to adopt that law. and san jose is also the nation's largest city to put a cap on those so-called payday loan businesses.
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councilmembers voted 9-1 to freeze the numbers at 39. the current number in the city. the new law mandates that if one of those storefronts closes, a new one can open only if it's locate add quarter mile from other lenders and from low-income areas. >> well, you can't help but notice it's right there for everyone to see. a splash of color and art at one of san francisco's busiest locations. here is bay area joe rosato jr. >> move, it does move. it's like it's alive. it's big. >> it has the subtle movement, make an interesting little video. >> the stoic gray buildings of san francisco's civic center got a little splash of color this week. >> we came out of the city library, i was like, what is that red? >> it looks like a lotus flower. i grow those in my pond. >> reporter: amid the civic seed of power, a lotus flower blooming in power red. >> it's monumental. it's bright. it's beautiful. >> reporter: the bright addition to the plaza was installed by a
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korean artist as part of the asian art museum's exhibit. >> a lotus is the renewal and awakening. >> reporter: the awakening of the 25-foot-tall flower is actually powered by motors that slowly move its petals, creating a sense of breathing. >> it's also grow cure from circumstances because the lotus grows in a muddy pond but a flower is so beautiful. >> reporter: but, of course, as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. >> it reminds me of those things you see along the freeway where they're advertising auto centers and the big guy is kind of moving in the wind. >> reporter: but under a blueless sky, some thought it the perfect foil for dreary old politics. the colorful visitor will remain in civic center leaving the usual crowd seeing red. >> surrounded by gray buildings and a gray sky and kind of
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popped out of the landscape. it's really pretty. >> it moves. >> you can't miss it, that's for sure. a windy day today so you saw those petals moving even more. >> more of an effect. i'm glad i saw that story. i would have seen that and might not have walked too close to that. that is beautiful, though. a nice pop of color as we heard. numbers all over the board. you're in your car, you drive ten miles away from one low dcan and numbers drastically different. look at this. 79 in the valley. another 15 minutes away in gilroy, temperatures in the upper 80s and just 50s in san francisco, all a function of that cool marine air throughout the bay area. right now 56 in san francisco. also 58 in san mateo and current numbers dropping off in san jose but mild in gilroy. the warmest number on the board. live to hd sky camera network and lots of blue sky down into san jose at the current moment.
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we are also finding that fog, fogged in on our other hd skycam ras. look at this in san francisco. it's a storm of fog moving in and throughout the city tonight. so that's the beauty. you have one spot, you have one thing and go to the other and you're finding that thick marine layer building up to 1,500 feet off the coastline. it's not going to budge as we head through tonight. right now san francisco to oakland, also berkeley and em y emeryville getting some of the largest fog all the way down the southern peninsula. that will keep the breezy conditions in place. as we head throughout the next 24 hours lowering the allergy levels as well. so where we will begin for the morning hours, 51 in los gatos. then as we head throughout the day tomorrow, cool by the bay. mid-70s inland and here's another thing we wanted to update you on, la nina is officially ending. a lot of extremes here as we headed throughout the last month with over 750 different lightning strikes. but here is now the new thing,
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el nino could be bringing us warm weather through next winter. new climate information coming in. more coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, jeff. we'll see you in a bit. coming up, worker harder and smarter. how google has improved your search. >> and high-profile endorsements without the results. the ads that were just too good to be true. >> and making movement happen without lifting a finger. surprising new advances that could benefit paralyzed people. ♪
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[ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering.
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we are almost there. facebook ready to go public. let's bring in scott budman who will be live at facebook headquarters on friday morning. what time is your wake-up call? >> reporter: very, very early, raj. such a big scene is expected there. the nasdaq is going to make the trip out west.
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expect a virtual bell ringing from the menlo park campus to kick things off. as for the ipo itself it keeps getting bigger, increasing the price range and the number of shares that will be offered at this point depend iing on the final figure. we could be looking at an $18 billion day for facebook. not a bad deposit in the bank account. speaking of size, rumors are circulating about the next iphone. and they have to do with a bigger screen. "the wall street journal" and reuters report the next smartphone will increase the screen size by as much as 30%, a screen of right about 4 inches. no comment from apple. and not to be outdone by its rival, google making news today unveiling a new search tool it calls knowledge graph. a way to find answers to searches more quickly. search is big business and google stock shot up today by nearly $18 a share and if you do the math, the founders of google on today alone, each made with about half a billion dollars
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just today. get used to it. there will be a lot being calculated at the end of the week. back to you guys. >> not a bad day for a week of work. still ahead at 6:00, a boxing champ's sparring match over gay marriage. what he said that got him banned from the southern california shopping mall. >> reporter: and dozens of cyclists are pedaling through the city of richmond tonight shining the spotlight on bicycle safety. i'm jodi hernandez. i'll have a live report coming up. and i'm janelle wang. an abrupt end in the john edwards' corruption trial. his fate soon in the hand of a jury. and president obama awards a medal of honor 42 years in the making.
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share the road safely. the latest just last night in santa clara and in the east bay city of dublin. tonight what's being called the right of silence in memory of those killed. jodi hernandez joins us live in richmond with are more. jodi? >> reporter: jessica, dozens of psych columni cyclists should be arriving back here at city hall at any moment. they want to bring ait tensitte the number of cyclists getting hurt and even killed. >> and that's what this ride of silence is all about, to remember those that have been injured or have died as a result of bicycle accidents. >> reporter: richmond mayor gail mclaughlin led a quiet vigil before she and dozens of cyclists took off on a ride of silence in honor of people hit by cars while riding their bikes. >> we want to be able to feel safe when we get on the streets and to remember those who were actually killed or hurt. >> my skull and stuff was
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cracked. my neck, they had to put a rod in my neck and some screws in my neck. >> reporter: 21-year-old james johnson nearly lost his life when he was hit by a car as he rode his bicycle along main street on may 5th leaving him with broken ribs, an injured neck, and a cracked skull. >> just a slight bit, forced at me. and then i noticed i was flipping in the air. >> reporter: johnson, who co-owns the bicycle shop richmond spokes, isn't the only bicyclist hit. according to the advisory committee, 69 richmond cyclists have been hit or killed since 2008 including the man struck and killed on barrett avenue just last month. johnson's friends and co-workers put up a ghost bike to pay tribute to that victim today. and they organized tonight's ride. johnson wishes he could join his friends, but he's hopeful the ride will raise awareness so cyclists can stay safe. >> i just hope the message for
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drivers to learn that we both share the road. we have to follow the same laws and everything. >> reporter: again, those cyclists should be returning here to city hall at any time now. richmond police wanted to point out that the safety issues work both ways. they say they are seeing a troubling trend of psycyclists riding while intoxicated, not following the rules of the road, and failing to wear the proper basic safety equipment. so there's a lot of lessons for everyone tonight. reporting live in richmond, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. thank you, jodi. we mentioned that bike accident in dublin. police are searching for the driver of a mercedes they say hit and killed a cyclist. officers say the man was hit about 11:30 last night at the intersection of dougherty road near camp park. police found car parts at the scene from a 2010 or maybe 2011
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black mercedes. the victim's identity hasn't been released but officers say it was a man in his 50s. two months and still no sign of sierra lamar. search crews were back out looking for the missing morgan hill teenager. divers have been searching the nearby reservoirs for the 15 ye 15-year-old. sierra failed to show up for school on march 16th, exactly two months ago today. investigators still believe she was abducted. the sheriff's office recently announced they found a red jetta believed to be connected with the case. they know the identity of the owner but haven't released it yet. >> it's national police week, honoring officers who lost their lives in the line of duty. it was created by then president john f. kennedy in 1962 to recognize the service and sacrifice of u.s. law enforcement.
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that 12 pack of soda may cost more. richmond voters will decide whether to tax the drink in their city. they decided to place the measure on the ballot. if passed it would impose a business license fee of 1 cent per 1 ounce of sugar sweetened beverages sold locally. the other ballot item is an advisory measure to use the tax's proceeds for sports and health education programs aimed at richmond youth. well, the defense rests. the fate of former presidential candidate john edwards will soon be in the hands of a jury. >> janelle wang is here with headlines making news around the world. closing arguments are scheduled to take place tomorrow with jury deliberations on friday. the defense rested its case without calling john edwards or rielle hunter. it also did not call edwards' daughter, cate, which many legal experts expected. >> the defense clearly went out with a whimper.
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it's a calculated decision to play it safe. th.question is, have they played it too safe? >> edwards faces up to 30 years in prison, accused of using campaign donations to hide his affair n. election news former gop contender herman cain gave his official endorsement to mitt romney. he made the announcement alongside representative michele bachmann who was also a presidential candidate this year. she gave her endorsement to romney earlier this month. political instability causing financial panic, the situation in greece stress iing out investors all over the world. an interim prime minister was sworn in to act as a government caretaker until a repeat election on june 17th. an election earlier this month failed to produce a majority party. politicians then tried to form a coalition government, but they gave up after nine days of getting nowhere. greeks are now pulling their money out of banks fearing the currency will no longer be used. today the euro sunk to its
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lowest level in four months. in the west bank, a major government reshuffling by palestinian leader abbas. he replaced nearly half of his cabinet today with 11 new members. the move hampers february's palestinian unity deal that would have combined his government in the west bank with the government in the strip ruled by hamas. israel condemned the move by abbas saying it will threaten future peace talks. a long time coming, president obama awarded the medal of honor to an army specialist killed in combat over 40 years ago. the wife of specialist leslie stabo jr. accepted the medal on behalf of her late husband, the soldier recognized for his heroic actions in the vietnam war when his platoon was ambushed. the army said paperwork was lost but decades late aerovietnam veteran found the original paperwork and pushed to have s is abo recognized. >> what an honor. >> very nice. thank you, janelle. well, one of the world's greatest professional boxers is
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taking hits because of statements he made about gay marriage. tonight manny pacquiao, a politician in the philippines, is on the ropes himself. as the blogosphere hits him hard. >> reporter: there are people who may have never heard the name manny pacquiao before. people who don't follow professional boxing. in the philippines, no one doesn't know manny. when he's not in this ring he's in the political ring. he's a congressman with an eye on higher office. ♪ i'd rather hurt you honestly than mislead you with a lie ♪ >> reporter: and, yes, manny likes to sing. right now manny is here throwing jabs and knockout punches and was scheduled to do an "extra" int interview with mario lopez today until developer and owner, rick caluso, got wind of an interview done with the conservative "examiner."
6:35 pm
in it he was asked of president obama's support of same sex marriage. pacquiao said it's not to adulterate the altar of matrimony. then the reporter says pacquiao believes same sex marriage is an abomination and writes that pacquiao implies obama must read the manual of life for better living which is the holy scripture. and in this instantaneous world the blog sphere is now ripe with misquotes. in the l.a. weekly a blogger insists manny says gays should be put to death and that was reposted to the hennessey facebook page along with many other angry posts. hennessey, many of manny's sponsors along with nike, hp and gatorade. >> hennessey was deeply concerned. they're not used to people banging on their facebook page. >> reporter: advertisers who have been around the sports world long enough know not to react as quickly as an l.a. mall
6:36 pm
o owner might. >> the leap was when it looked a lot like hate speech and if it's not that, yes, this all blows over. >> and the drama will continue to unfold. california leads the nation in a lot of categories including dog bites, and they're getting more expensive. state farm insurance says more than 500 claims filed last year in california alone. victims of the payouts received more than $20 million and that amounted to a 31% increase from settlements in 2010. still ahead, real life mind control. an amazing breakis through for a paralyzed woman who hasn't been able to move in more than a decade. and using the star power for a cause. do you recognize them? the cause that had a few members of the giants going to bat today. i'm jeff ranieri in the weather center. that pesky fog forced some of you and dropped numbers quite a bit is still building up on our coastline. here is the good news.
6:37 pm
it has not only dropped the allergens in the atmosphere but improved our air quality greatly. we'll talk more about our cooling numbers and when things return to the 80s in a few minutes.
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did you buy those shoes? sketchers usa will pay $40 million to settle charges that it made false claims about the health and fitness benefits of their shape-ups toning shoes. if you bought the shoes, you are eligible for a refund but it's
6:40 pm
not clear how much money you'll actually get back. a couple of giants stars took the field earlier than usual today. buster posey and vogelsong participated in a public service campaign on video game rating making parents aware when buying games for their family. the campaign encourages parents to use the ratings system which assigns the content rating for both computer and video games. >> as prevalent as video games are today there's a lot out there and not all of them are apro appropriate for an 8, 9, 10-year-old. >> he's so mature, isn't he? they will run on the big screen at at&t park during the game. >> buster posey has twins at home now. he's a father. he needs to think about this stuff. jeff ranieri, all that fog. it's scenic but is cool can out there. if you were anywhere near the peninsula, it got chilly. there is that fog right now,
6:41 pm
raj. you can see it rolling across golden gate bridge. how long this will last and when the08-degree numbers return. i'm scott reis in the comcast newsroom. the giants welcome the world champs to town and welcome back their closer for the afternoon. brian wilson makes a cameo plus the closer of the future may be ursty wetrl infue oductoyou ut f .e 'lwearl introduce you to a f st of arthe pen coming up in sports. new unisom natural nights. soothes you to sleep with ingredients like melatonin. it's safe with no side effects, so you wake up... ready to go. [ male announcer ] unisom natural nights.
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take a look. an amazing story. a paralyzed woman moved this robotic arm to bring her a drink using her mind. a chip implanted in her brain monitors signals for the movement and the software interprets the messages and sends them to the robot. researchers on the east coast says the technology is years away from practical use but they are excited about the results of this test. we recently showed you the story of a bay area high school student whose artwork hangs in the halls of congress. >> the 18-year-old artist is a entrepreneur. nbc bay area paints the picture of a young man mixing business with pleasure. >> reporter: whether it's music or painting, this hangout in
6:44 pm
sam's backyard drips with art artistic impression. mix in a little business acumen and -- >> working minimum wage jobs and not getting much satisfaction out of it and kind of realizing there are other ways to make money and doing something that i really like to do which is art. >> reporter: so he started left brain dead, selling hand painted t-shirts with a shout out to self-expression. >> he made this for me for mother's day. this is my volkswagen that i got for my 40th birthday, just, you know, minus 20 years ago. >> reporter: kathy recognized her son's talent while he was still in diapers. >> i'd walk in and he had created a little scribble mast er piece on the wall or wherever. >> left brain dead is pretty much refers to my inability to do math basically. >> reporter: okay. so for the young artist two plus two may not equal four but a unique product equals opportunity. >> most of this shirt is hand
6:45 pm
painted but i have this which i will soon turn into a dream catcher. >> reporter: he combines the stroke of the brush to bring the shirts to life. >> each shirt is truly one of a kind. i mean, i have to -- they're not mass produced in any way. each shirt comes out differently. >> reporter: left brain dead lets you say something about yourself with a pullover, a self-reflection can go a long way. >> it can inspire and enlighten and make us better people. >> reporter: perhaps left brain isn't dead after all. in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> pretty nice. jeff ranieri is here with us. what's going to happen? we're getting close to the weekend. >> i think it was on monday friday came out. i've been thinking about it since is monday. this marine layer has been up at 1,500 feet. if you traveled near the peninsula, that cool breeze was
6:46 pm
with us. some airport delays at sfo and we're currently finding that strongest band of fog across san mateo, south san francisco and anyone traveling right over the golden gate bridge you can see on our satellite loop being impacted by this fog. we'll take you there to our hd live sky camera network with a windshield wiper on there helping to keep that lens clear on you could see the drivers putting on the brakes at times having to get through this fog. now where we are not finding this onshore flow, look at this, the numbers 20 degrees warm er still at this hour in gilroy with 79 degrees. also holding on to mild air in livermore with 74 and then around the 50s and 60s into the north bay including napa. on your weather headlines we keep the fog, the areas of drizz drizzle. for the morning hours, the cool breeze for thursday. then as we head into this weekend, we really think you're going to like what's coming in the seven-day forecast as temperatures could jump another 20 degrees. but here's the thing. we have to get rid of this upper level area of low pressure. it's devoid of a lot of moisture. so as this transitions across
6:47 pm
california and throughout thursday and friday, it can enhance the marine layer, mainly here for thursday. that's when the fog and drizzle machine will keep going for us. and then by friday afternoon we do expect skies to gradually clear and numbers to bump up a little bit. a lot more in the seven-day forecast. a few spotty regions of drizzle across the peninsula and the santa cruz coastline, maybe even back to the east bay. computer models have a hard time picking up on any kind of mist in the atmosphere. the fact it's showing two green dots shows we'll like that for the morning commute. all of that gets scoured out and we have a decent sunny finish. we may have a little bit of fog hanging on across the peninsula. we'll start off with uniform numbers here when you have the cloud cover rolling in like so, numbers aren't going to vary too much. 50 in concord. 49 in napa. 50 in san francisco and a chill in the air in santa cruz with 48 degrees. the numbers throughout thursday will top off slightly cooler. san jose, 73. 74 in los gatos.
6:48 pm
60s in palo alto. the east bay, dublin, walnut creek may pop up to 75 and 60s near the bay from alameda to fremont. and for san francisco down the peninsula, it's all about the layers as we have had the past couple of days may also still have some airport delays near sfo as we head into the morning hours, even for oakland. if you have an early morning flight, something to plan ahead for at least right now. and for the weekend here we go again. sunshine coming back. i think this might be six -- no, eight weekends in a row with awesome weather. temperatures in the low to mid-80s as we head into sunday. it stays cool by the coastline but still remember that spf if you're heading out that way. by monday, tuesday and wednesday temperatures will be trending into the 70s. very seasonal for this time of the year. as you mentioned earlier, el nino may be making a comeback as we head into august, september and also october, which could mean a wetter winter for us next
6:49 pm
ye year. yeah, next winter. so we're going to keep an eye on that for you guys. >> thank you, jeff. let's get to sports. remember the guy with the big beard? >> i fear him. >> yes. we fear scott reis. take it away, scott. i thought you were talking about me, like i didn't do a good shave job today. yeah, brian wilson, guys, not one to hide in the shrubbery. we haven't seen hide nor beard of him since he had elbow surgery last month. today wilson reappeared to update us on his rehab. >> i kept myself busy charting the games at home and doing rehab every day. it's going well. we're ahead of schedule. not getting too crazy. things have progressed. i don't have room for negativity in my life. early on, you know, you can think of all the negleative this
6:50 pm
that hinder you, but if you keep focusing on negativity and that's exactly what you'll produce. i try to think more positively and surround myself with those who are positive and will help me heal well, and i think i have an entire city behind my back praying that i do well, too. >> santiago casilla is handling closing duties but it's likely casilla merely keeping the seat warm for the next big thing. a guy who has drawn comparisons to the braves can kimball, jaymee sire handles the introduction. >> heat from heap, i guess you could say. comes as advertised. >> a swing and a miss. >> the ball jumps out of his hands. >> he's mid-90s. i don't know about 100. >> fastball from embree. >> he will flirt with that 95 to
6:51 pm
100. >> he's just reared back. >> he has all the tools associated with being the giants closer of the future. >> he thinks he's going to get everybody out. there's no doubt about it. he thinks that -- you know, i don't think he's sitting there thinking, you can't hit my fastball. >> you look at cain and balm gardner and both are from the south, quiet, low-key guys. when they get on the mound you're not messing with them. >> i was always the kid that gripped it and ripped it. if my adrenaline is not going, if i'm too calm i will have anxiousness and butterflies going. so i just love that part of the game. love that situation. >> despite all his impressive statistics, it's his mental approach that's caught the eye of those around him. >> he is just calm, consistent.
6:52 pm
if you lack at him, it seems like nothing phases him and he just has that presence about him that he's not fazed when he struggles or whatever and he has the same poise and posture that he has when he's going good or bad. >> he blew a save earlier this year and he came out and said, you know what, i threw the pitches i wanted to throw. something as a closer you've got to be able to do, wipe that stuff off your back and go on to the next day. and i was more impressed with that outing and how he reacted with that than the outings when he's done the job. >> it's mental, physical, a little bit of everything. kind of fine-tuning everything and being the same pitcher every time out. >> consistency has him on the doorstep of the big leagues. >> sometimes you can't help but to think about it. i just try to focus on one day at a time and build up my business here. >> he seems to be resilient. i think a guy who is ready to pitch every day. if he's used as a closer, as a late inning guy to start off. i think he'll handle that, be a
6:53 pm
guy who will be real exciting. >> and the cards and giants begin a two-game series tonight at at&t and the scuttlebutt around the newsroom the last couple of minutes, guys, late breaking news from the stadium, melky cabrera scratched from tonight's lineup. he's got a toe injury. schuerholz will replace him and the last thing the giants need right about now is melky cabrera out of the lineup but such is the case. >> big news for the giants and of course the a's taking on the rangers. >> and big news for scott. happy birthday, by the way. >> yeah, yeah. i'm still waiting. i haven't seen the gift from raj and jess arrive yet. there's still time. >> you can't mail that yet? >> we have until midnight. we're on the clock. >> thank you. >> thanks, scott. for a full half hour of local sports coverage watch sports net central on comcast sports net bay area tonight at 10:30. hello?
6:54 pm
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tonight at 11:00, a shift for couples that can't conceive. what more and more couples are opting for and why they're going overseas. that's tonight at 11:00 after "law&order svu." let the roast begin. legendary entertainer betty white became the latest honoree to sit in the hot seat for that outrageous fryar's club roast. the 90-year-old golden girl whose career spanned 70 years falls in the footsteps of past recipients lucille ball, milton berle and johnny carson. from what i understand, it was funny and they kept it relatively clean and low key. relatively speaking. >> with betty white, you would hope so. let's turn things over to brent cannon. >> tonight's california budget
6:57 pm
kr crunch will impact us all but will it cost us the right to justice and rock the foundation of our system. in the shadow of the facebook ipo, a new segment profiling bay area startup. tonight we profile one that might help bridge the gap caused by the budget cuts. that and more coming up on comcast channel 186 in just a couple of minutes. >> okay, brent, we'll see you shortly. we hope to see you at 11:00 as well. >> bye-bye. have a good night. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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